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Providing ready-to-use BSF eggs or neonates to rearing facilities worldwide

Black Soldier Fly (BSF)
The Next Farm Animal


Insects are a promising source for sustainable, alternative protein for the animal feed industry, vital to ensuring the wellbeing of a growing human population. But in order to make a true impact and replace existing components in animal feed, insects have to be produced at an industrial scale, all year long, and in a stable manner. FreezeM is developing novel technologies that will enable to create for the first-time stocks of ready-to-use suspended neonates and frozen eggs – a solution corresponding to the agriculture seed production.

A “Seed” Company for The Insect Industry


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Why BSF ?
Our Innovation
We are developing novel patent pending preservation technologies for different stages of the BSF life-cycle:
revivable freezing of eggs for long-term cryopreservation, and suspended animation of neonate larvae

Pausing the development after hatching for 14 days

Freezing of eggs for preservation

In our pipeline
Forget about having your own breeding site.

Just order our pre-packed high-quality neonates.
Ready for rearing according to your production needs.

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Idan Alyagor PhD

Co-Founder & CTO

Yuval Gilad, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Yoav Politi, PhD

Co-Founder & VP R&D

David Eshed

VP Business Development

Victoria Berkun

R&D scientist

Mirit Biton

R&D scientist

Naama Arkin


Victoria Kiroshka, PhD

Cryobiology Specialist

Nati Barchilon


Hagai Shpigler, PhD

Lead Entomologist

Ruth Adler

R&D Scientist

Anna Goren, PhD

R&D Scientist

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