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Ready-to-use BSF neonates

Forget about having your own breeding site.

Just order our pre-packed high-quality neonates.
Ready for rearing according to your production needs.

The easy way to become BSF farmer
Focus on your product development
and let us take care of the breeding for you


  • Order pre-counted packages of ready-to-use suspended BSF neonates
  • Stock and store in your production site and use when needed


  • Easy activation of the neonates by opening the
    packages and deploying the larvae on organic waste substrate (feed)


  • Harvest the grown larvae and process into your desired product


  • Protein meal
  • Oil
  • Fertilizers
  • Animal feed
  • Novel food
  • Petfood
  • Novel materials
Interested in ordering?
What kind of BSF farmer are you
Help us find the solution that fits you best
by choosing the profile that defines your stage and type of activity


  • Interested in purchasing a small amount for starting a colony Interested in
  • enriching the genetic diversity of existing colony by adding Israeli mojo

Product development

  • Developing a BSF based product and would like to grow large amounts of larvae in a frequency of few batches per year


  • Running a pilot facility and interested in ongoing supply of relatively low amounts

Large-scale production

  • Commercial scale producers of BSF products
  • Ongoing supply for rearing-only facilities or to support in house breeding

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